Eagle Claw

V-Tex Eagle Claw at 3 scored 354 , at 2 scored 290, at 1 years old scored 200 and he has proven to be an AWESOME SIRE. His yearling bucks this year were 100% all outstanding. He is among our most proven producers.

Plenty Wide

V-Tex Plenty Wide at 2 scored 268″ and has proven to be one of our most proven and predictable sires. He is producing very large typical 200 class 1 year olds as well as a 2 year old that’s one of the widest on our farm.

Pablo 2B

Pablo 2b was 28 inches wide this year @3. If you want to add width and tine length, this deer has it. He is a brother to Abilene who was 38-40 inches wide and shared the same sire. Pablo, his sire, is a Texas producer of countless wide typical with extra long tines.

Outer Limits

Outer Limits at 2 scored just over 200 and was 30 inches wide he has proven to be a great sire and pass down his width to his offspring.

Texas Tea

Texas Tea needs no introduction. We believe this buck is a legendary buck that will go down in history as one of the all time greatest producers.

Cajun Claw

Cajun Claw Cajun Claw reflects Eagle Claw and looks to be twin to his sire.  He's over 260@2 with long tines a great look and heavy mass he should be huge @ 3


Perfect Storm has the typical look that every breeder or hunter alike love. With long main beams, long tines, and good mass, he makes a great breeder to amp up your typical line as well as clean up a nontypical line.


This buck won the largest typical award at the Whitetails of Louisiana show. He grew out to be 25-26 wide @2 with a 6x6 frame with great tines. This is one to keep an eye on.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush was 260@3. This buck is a great Texas bred buck with lots of extras and mass. We bred him to several does this year and anticipate great results.


This buck is a great cross for our width producing does. It will be exciting to see how this cross produces.

V-Tex Eagle

This buck went 422@2 on Texas soil. He should be one of the biggest 2 year olds in Texas with 3/4 Texas breeding. He is one of the first bucks where the legendary Eagle Claw and Plenty Wide producers have been crossed.

V-Tex The Wide One

V-Tex The Wide One was 30 inches wide @ 2. A two year old doesn't get much prettier than this. Want width? Try this guy out.

XWL Tombstone

XWL Tombstone is the Largest Typical King Kong Yearling for 2011, estimated to be 180-200 inches!

2B Double Wide

2B Double Wide is an awesome Texas brute. His mass shows up in his offspring as well as his frame. His father Vtex Eagle Eye has many big sons.


Express needs no introduction. He is one of the hottest breeders in the industry with great offspring popping up everywhere. We have 2 of our most proven does bred to him this year.

Eddie Ray

Eddie Ray has a 6×6 main frame, 30” to 32” main beam since 2 years old, 242@2 years old, 254@3 years old, 236@4 years old, 265@5 years old. Eddie Ray @2,3,4, and 5 has been 220+ inch typical frame. Smallest 2 year old at TK’s clean 5×5, 190”. Smallest yearling @ TK’s clean 5×6, 178”

Mr. Clean

Mr Clean another son of Eagle claw is pretty much a perfect 6×6 1 year old. Mr Clean only deducts 1/2 inch. You don’t get much cleaner than this buck. With production on both sides we look forward to seeing him grow out this year.

V-Tex Thorn

V-Tex Thorn at 1 scored 251 WOW on Texas soil, at 2 he scored 326, and at 3 scored 360. He is a stand-out buck for sure and may be the largest piebald deer ever born. This year we were able to see his first round of offspring and they were outstanding.


Our industry has produced so many quality bucks that it seems almost impossible any longer to be “captured” by a truly majestic animal – Until NOW! GD OMG at 284″ @ 4 years

Sudden Express

Sudden Express may be one of the prettiest yearlings ever. He also needs no introduction. This year we purchased the only 3 straws sold in La which would give us his first and only fawns of 2014. With very limited sales nationwide and no other sales statewide these fawn will be some to keep an eye on. This year we will breed 6 does total.