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Please take a look through our website and learn more about our breeding and hunting operation. Whether you are a new deer farmer looking to start raising whitetails, or a serious hunter looking for the hunt of a lifetime we are eager to meet your needs.

2B Semen

At 2B we began breeding whitetail deer with our goal of growing some of the biggest and most beautiful deer in the state of Louisiana. As of today we have not strayed from that goal. Our philosophy has been and still is that you must have a long main beam, superb tine length, and great width to be able to

Frequently Asked Questions

START UP GUIDE FOR BEGINNING DEER FARMERS Q: Why should I raise whitetail deer? The whitetail is the most sought after big game animal in North America. As long as hunting remains a legal pastime there will be a demand for trophy animals. No other species of deer carries the special place in people’s hearts

2B Breeding

In the beginning, we began with the South Texas genetics of Paco, Clint, Primo, Sal, and Floco. Shortly thereafter we introduced the northern genetics of the Johnny Patrick line and some Kansas bloodlines. We began using Artificial Insemination which opened up a whole new world to our breeding program. With AI breeding we introduced genetics