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HYDRO EXPLOSION was a new world record for main frame scoring 256-6/8″.  Gross score 302 6/8″ as a 3 year old.  G-2’s are 15″.  First son was a 290″ yearling.  That works on anyone’s farm!  He is out of Hydro Ax. Hydro Ax is Marty Graw’s son. Marty Graw has TWENTY ONE sons over 200″ and one over 300″. Hydro Ax has EIGHT sons over 270″ at two years of age and TWO sons at 300″ at the age of two. Hydro Explosion was 274″ at 2 years old.  This will give you inches in your herd.  Limited semen for sale!

Owned by Mississippi River Bottom Ultimate Genetics

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